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  1. Are chains sold as a pair?

  2. Are dual chains sold as a pair for the axle?

  3. Are the chains sold in a pair?

  4. Are your chains made in the USA?

  5. Are your transactions with credit cards secure?

  6. Can I exchange my chains?

  7. Can I order via the fax?

  8. Can I pay by check?

  9. Can I pick up my chains in Johnstown?

  10. Can I return or exchange my chains outside the 15 day return period?

  11. Can you ship outside continental USA?

  12. Do diamond chains require or need an optional tensioner?

  13. Do I have enough clearance between the tire, struts, or control arms?

  14. Do I have pay sales tax?

  15. Do I need 2 chains or 4?

  16. Do off road mud tires use the normal sized chains?

  17. Do you accept PayPal?

  18. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

  19. Do you backorder out of stock items?

  20. Do you have a privacy statement?

  21. Do you offer a Military Discount?

  22. Do you offer free shipping?

  23. Do you offer gift certificates?

  24. Do you sell used chain?

  25. Do you ship to Canada?

  26. Do you ship to Europe and Australia ?

  27. Do you ship to Europe?

  28. For Cars with Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

  29. Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

  30. How are the chains shipped?

  31. How do I change or cancel my order after it is placed?

  32. How do I find prices on your website?

  33. How do I get a shipping quote?

  34. How do I get a tax refund?

  35. How do I pay for chains?

  36. How do I track my order?

  37. How do you ship to Alaska?

  38. How fast can I drive with chains?

  39. How long does it take to receive the chains after they are shipped?

  40. How much clearance do I need for large tractor chains

  41. How quick do I get credit for returned chains?

  42. I can't find my tire size on your website.

  43. Is there anything I need to know about using chains?

  44. Once the order is placed, how long does is take to receive the chains?

  45. Tractor Forum

  46. UPS Next Day Air

  47. Weather delays

  48. What are cams?

  49. What are Emergency Strap on Chains good for?

  50. What are your hours?

  51. What brand are your chains?

  52. What do you recommend for plowing?

  53. What does P or LT mean in the tire size?

  54. What does R mean in my tire size?

  55. What info do I need to purchase tire chains?

  56. What is a SAE Class U chain?

  57. What is a Type S chain?

  58. What is SAE Class "W"?

  59. What is the difference between 2 and 4 link spacing?

  60. What is the difference between a ZR tire size and an R tire size?

  61. What is the hardness of your chain?

  62. What is the warranty on Skidder Chain?

  63. What is your phone number?

  64. What is your return policy?

  65. What is your warranty?

  66. What other sizes do my chains fit?

  67. What shipping options do you offer and pricing?

  68. What type of chain do you recommend for me?

  69. When are V-Bar chains recommended?

  70. Where can I find Tire Chains Installation Instructions?

  71. Where do I locate my tire size?

  72. Which is better 2 or 4 link spacing?

  73. Who pays to return the order?

  74. Why am I having difficulty completing my order?

  75. Why are my chains put together wrong?

  76. Why are my chains too long when I ordered the correct size?

  77. Why do I need a tensioner?

  78. Why does my owner's manual say do not use chains?

  79. Why is my credit card being declined?

  80. Why is there a gap which appears to missing cross chain on my chains?

  81. Why purchase from

  82. Will tire chains damage my alloy rims?

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